HSS Drill Bits

HSS stands for High-Speed Steel. HSS Drill Bits are a form of tool steel that is highly resistant to heat. HSS drill bits can be used to drill almost anything ranging from metal, hardwood and any other material. They work with great cutting speeds and are found widely in commercial applications.

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These drill bits (HSS) are the most popular type of bits and are used in many occupations from an electrician to basic television or alarm system installations.

Some other drill bit materials;
• Soft low carbon steel bits. These are used ONLY in wood and do require frequent sharpening.
• Cobalt steel alloys type of bits. These are used for extremely high temperatures and contain cobalt.
• Tungsten carbide plus other carbides are a very hard material and are mostly used for the tips of the bit.
• Found in the automotive industry, and the like, Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is the hardest of all material and can be very costly when replacing.

More about HSS Drill Bits

Just as important as drill bit material is the coating of the bit. We find the following types of coating are used for most bits:

Black oxide coating which sustains heat and keeps the bits lubricated, naturally resulting in a longer life for the bit itself. This is the most common coating.

Titanium nitride coating is very hard ceramic and can be used to coast the HSS Drill bit. When this coating is used it can extend the life of the drill bit by three times or more. The problem with this type of coating is that the drill bit will not be able to be sharpened properly to leave the coating on.

Titanium aluminum nitride is another coating that is used often. It is considered superior to Nitride coating with the bit being extended five times or longer. This goes for Titanium carbon nitride coating which is also found to be superior.

Next, we have what is called diamond powder which is an abrasive that is used for cutting stone, rock, and harder materials. Typically very large amounts of heat are generated and the diamond-coated bits often have to be cooled by water to prevent damage.

Last, and very common is the zirconium nitride which is found on most of the Craftsman drill bit and tools. You can find some good materials on drill bits here Best Drill Bits

Whatever the bit, or whatever the job, there is a drill bit made for the chore. We hope you find your HSS Drill bits needs and find the best bit for the job.

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