The Best Masonry Drill Bit?

Masonry drill bit reviewA drill bit is an equipment that is utilized in creating holes that are generally cylindrical. A drill is a tool that is used to rotate to create a force that creates a hole.

There are various kinds of drill bits available and to create a particular kind of hole, the right kind of drill bit is required. Wood drills, core drills, ejector drills, and well drilling bits are a few kinds of drill bits.

The masonry drill bit is also a kind of drill bit. It is a very famous variation or up-gradation of a kind of drill bit known as the twist drill bit. They are generally combined with hammer drill bits as this combination helps achieve the accurate kinds of holes i.e. the desired shape without putting in much effort. It does not require a ground to be machined.

We will drive you through complete technical & pricing comparisons for hardened steel.

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In this post, we will see top-rated global brands and will discuss what products they are offering in a masonry drill bit domain.

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Before we dig into the brands, let us read some technical stuff about masonry drill bits.

  1. A masonry drill bit requires a mill to be machined. This machinery is mostly comprised of soft steel. The key advantage is that it can be hammered as well as rotated at the place where the work is to be done.
  2. At the drill bit tip, the masonry tends to break when hammering with such kind of a tool is done. The drill bit body consists of several flutes. These flutes help in the removal of the dust from the place where the work is being done.
  3. The masonry drill bit is available in various sizes as per the comfort factor and requirements. The size can range from a 5mm to an impressive 60mm for small bits of works. However, at places that require large diameters, masonry drill bits of 1000mm length are used. They are to be combined with hand portable tools or with hammer drill bits. When existing buildings require plumbing work or any kind of wiring, then they are a suitable option.
  4. The Masonry drill bit is very accurate and precise as whenever there is a hammer blow; the cutting edges are brought to a new portion. This is due to the rotation of these drills.
  5. An up-gradation is a diamond core bit, wherein, it has a drill bit and a router and a steel shell that has diamonds at the edges. This provides a lot of sharpness in the work as diamonds are known to be strong. However, these diamond drill bits are to be used very carefully and at very low speeds. The advantage of using them is that they can be used for all kinds of basic requirements and a person having average intelligence in handling such tools can also handle it effectively. These drill bits can be used for drilling into various kinds of building materials such as quarries, bricks, stones, marbles, and even concrete. One must be careful in handling these tools, as they tend to overheat at the tip. It can be best used for work that requires a normal speed of working.

The following are the preferred brand and globally recognized in the industry. These provide standard as we as the customized stuff. But here we will see what they have in their bucket for masonry area.

Vermont American Masonry Drill Bit

A Faster And Low-Cost Way To Drill With Vermont American Masonry Drill Bit

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Prominent Features
  • Carbide tip make is wear-resistant
  • The double flute makes the way easy out for dust
  • Fast and less friction
  • Nice silver look so that you can understand when to go for shapen

The best houses in America have been created with the help of Vermont American tools. Vermont American is a drilling firm that aims at providing the best kinds of tools and drills for creating better than the best infrastructure. Vermont American masonry drill bit has an unparalleled grade when compared to other counterparts. It can be even used to drill holes in the most delicate building materials, such as wood. It can be used safely without the fear of a tear out by following few instructions and by using this superior masonry drill bit. For years, Vermont American has provided the finest drilling equipment to build America. The good news is that it is now in demand all over the world due to its safety, reliability, quality, and durability. It has been successful in creating drilling tools ranging from router tables and accessories, hole saws, reciprocating saw blades, band saw blades, abrasives, etc.

The Vermont American masonry drill bit is known to be the sharpest, toughest, long-lasting, and superior quality drill bit. It can successfully penetrate various kinds of materials, including plastic, metal, glass, tile, wood, etc. There are various types of drill bits. They are the SDS plus masonry drill bit and Vermont has also provided alongside the rotatory hammer bit, double flute bit and anchoring systems that are an essential and significant masonry bit. There are about 14 of these drills available. These drill bits come in various diameters ranging from 5/32”, 3/8”, 5/16” etc so that every kind of requirement can find it being fulfilled. The flute length is also highly impressive and they range from 4”, 6”, and 8” to 10”. In economic jargon, it can be stated that they are highly cost-effective. They are also easily accessible and can be operated without much instruction or any special care.

The Vermont American masonry drill bit has been around for a long time. However, if you are not aware, you can go through the internet and find very positive reviews about this particular offering from Vermont American. Even hard plaster can be drilled through with the use of these drills, which is something rare! Another feature of this drill is that it is made of stainless steel. So, the chances of getting rusted are nil. The accessibility of these drill bits is another key feature. Every hardware store in America, from the local neighbourhood stores to the market stores are bound to stock these. The fast spiral rotatory masonry drill bit, fast spiral masonry drill bit, fast spiral rotatory drill bit, 5 pieces fast spiral masonry drill bit set, and the rotatory hammer carbide-tipped masonry drill bit is just a few of the masonry drill bits being offered from this company. They can be used for smooth and fast performance and can help in the effective removal of the debris. These drills are far superior and of better quality than the local drills.

The Vermont American 1/4 In. x 4 In. spiral double flute masonry drill bit comes in a packing of 5 pieces. This model of Vermont American masonry drill bits is numbered 14016CS. You may use these for drilling dry concrete, brick, masonry, as well as tile. The fast spiral flutes of this model quickly remove debris from the hole. These masonry drill bits are carbide-tipped in order to ensure long life. They are double fluted to allow for faster drilling. In fact, these masonry drill bits are able to drill twice as fast as any other standard masonry bits. The carbide tip is meant to minimize wear and tear and hence extend the life of the bit. You may use them for drilling in cinder block too.
Another model of Vermont American masonry drill bits is the model number 14005. These are Vermont American 14005 double flute masonry drill bits which are available in a pack of 5. This model uses double flute masonry bits for drilling in brick, tile as well as cinder block and tile. The double flute design ensures that these bits drill twice as fast as any other standard masonry bits. The carbide tip aids to minimize wear. Besides, it extends the life of the bit. You may use these masonry drill bits in corded as well as cordless rotary drills only. The diameter of these drill bits is 5/16.”
Basically, Vermont American masonry drill bits are a variation of the twist-bit-design. These are typically used with a hammer drill in order to get high-impact action. These masonry drill bits feature a chisel-like tungsten carbide tip. It is this tip that breaks up stone, brick or concrete. And the flutes of these masonry drill bits pull back the chipped material. Because these drill bits tend to get jammed with crushed masonry, it’s always best to operate the hammer drill with the help of pumping action.
The Vermont American masonry drill bits are excellent for installing wiring as well as plumbing in existing structures. These masonry bits feature a chisel-like tungsten carbide tip. They are often used with a pumping action in order to pull the chipped material out of the hole.
The Vermont American masonry drill bits can withstand hotter temperatures without losing their firmness. Hence they are able to cut faster than the other drill bits. Not only this, but they are also able to cut through several different kinds of surfaces. Thus, it is most typical that these drill bits are used commercially as they are able to withstand much more abuse as well as high heats than their counterparts. The reason why a coating is put on these drill bits is to ensure that the tip does not stick to the surfaces that it is going through. Besides, it also helps by being able to withstand high temperatures.

DeWalt Masonry Drill Bits

DeWalt Masonry Drill Bits Are Robust And Very Popular

Price at Amazon!

  • These drill bits are made in Germany
  • Carbide tip makes a life longer
  • Four flute design make is to work faster for masonry job
  • Shank design make it non-slippery

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DeWalt masonry drill bits are best used with the DeWalt DC988KA 18v Combination Drill. This is a rechargeable cordless combi drill which is a very popular professional power tool used by tradesmen worldwide.

What makes this combination drill different from all the other brands is that, along with DeWalt masonry drill bits which are of high build quality as well as robust, this combination drill will be able to drill effectively into a huge range of construction materials.

The DeWalt masonry drill bits due to their combination hammer action drill are capable of drilling into wood, plastic, metal, plasterboard, laminates, brick, stone, concrete, as well as many more types of materials. It is due to this hammer action, which is a percussion type action that allows them to also drill into materials other than masonry. You can use these DeWalt drill bits for drilling into steel, brass, timber, aluminum, copper, marble, as well as plastics.

DeWalt masonry drill bits are especially useful when drilling into the stonework. You can use the reverse action of a cordless drill in order to allow the easy removal of the drill bit being used by simply reversing this bit out of the hole. At the same time, this action of the drill also clears the hole of any masonry dust which may be present.

Usually, while drilling into thick gauge steel, these drill bits tend to become stuck. But you can use the DeWalt DC988KA to take care of this problem. The reverse action of this drill can be selected in order to permit the DeWalt masonry drill bits to be “backed out” in order to be safely removed. You can use an 18-volt drill in order to drill a hole in the timber of up to 50mm diameter in size, by using these masonry drill bits. In order to avoid unnecessarily breaking of DeWalt drill bits or screwdriver bits, it is recommended not to use cheap accessories but to use well known branded products only. In order to do masonry drilling, it is recommended to select the lower speed or the first gear of the drill. This will lower the chuck rotation speed, but it will allow the motor to run at full pace as well as a maximum torque. The percussion hammer action of the drill can drill holes up to 16mm in diameter in bricks, cement, blocks, stone, as well as light concrete. Different types of metal usually require lubricating oil or a cutting fluid needs to be applied in order to assist the drilling procedure which is being carried out. This acts by cooling the DeWalt drill bit and also the metal itself. Ensure that you use a DeWalt drill over other brands while using DeWalt drill bits due to the predominantly metal chuck. This metal chuck features serrated teeth which help to tightly grip the drill bit which is being used. The metal chuck also allows fitment of drill bits, screwdriver bits, hole saws, as well as other tool accessories.

More about DeWalt Masonry Drill Bit

A DeWalt power tool is a very good company that provides tools of superior quality and strength. A Masonry drill bit is a basic kind of drill bit that can be used to drill and create holes in concrete, stones, quarries, blocks, bricks, etc. DeWalt is a leading power tool brand is the choice of various workmen around the world. The DeWalt masonry drill bit is of various kinds. They are very easy to use, come with a firm grip and can be used to drill holes of various sizes. They are not restricted to a few standard sizes but also come in sizes ranging from 85mm to 200mm. The key feature is that it drills faster and with greater speed and efficiency than various other drill bits. It generally comes with 4 flutes and is very easy to handle. DeWalt understands the importance of even a little hole in your construction work and has provided the best equipment to give the best results.

The DeWalt masonry drill bit comes with an instruction booklet which makes it easy for every person to use the drill. All one has to do is go through these simple instructions and use a bit of their own skill and one can get more than a satisfactory outcome. This carbide-tipped masonry drill bit is very effective and chisels out the perfect result in no time. Another reason to opt for it is that it comes in various sizes to fit every need possible. It is sometimes very expensive to purchase different sizes of masonry drill bits. But, DeWalt caters to all in a drill bit set. This set comes with extreme masonry drill bits ranging from 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7 and 8. It also consists of a magnetic holder for easy handling. Just go through any internet site and compare the prices of the various kinds of masonry drill bits available and you will feel justified when you see their prices.

The drill bits provided by DeWalt power tools are SDS drill bits. The material used in the DeWalt masonry drill bit is generally made of the material carbide. These drill bits can be used in all kinds of hammer drills. So, if you have a hammer drill that you are comfortable in using, just attach and get started with your work. They are easy to attach and remove and are rust free and made from the best carbide. It penetrates any kind of surface easily and is very easy to use. It is perfect for drilling just about anything and creates holes without much fuss. The flutes are effective in removing dust on the spot i.e. when you are drilling. This is one of the most durable and resistant products made by one of the leading brands, which is popular for delivering quality.

Bosch Masonry Drill Bits

Price at Amazon!

  • Heavy-duty and reliable
  • Four flute design makes it faster
  • Three flat shank design reduces slipping
  • Carbide tip makes it hard to work on even tiles and hard block

There are several drill bit systems available in the market. The most important factor in order to match a bit to its drill is to know the chuck system of the tool in order to choose the bits that are designed in order to correspond to that system. Bosch was the first company that developed the first “Special Direct System” in 1975. The Bosch masonry drill bits are well known in the industry today.

The SDS chuck systems have been specially adapted for concrete as well as another masonry hammering. In the hammers using traditional chucks, it is the striking piston which is using part of its energy in order to move the heavy chuck as well as the Bosch masonry drill bits. In this kind of an SDS system, the only thing that the piston hits and moves is the flat end of the drill bit. Thus the energy usage becomes more efficient as well as effective.

In the case of most heavy-duty masonry drilling, the SDS Max systems have some advantages over Spline systems. SDS Max has been designed for doing even heavier-duty work than SDS-Plus. Accordingly, the range of SDS Max Bosch masonry drill bits leans more toward the larger end of masonry drill bits.

Basically, the SDS Max system was designed by Bosch in order to improve upon as well as replace the older Spline drive system. The main improvement of this system is that its more piston travel is allowed to ensure that the piston hits the bit harder so that the bit is able to cut more efficiently. SDS Max systems are the newest, as well as the best systems for the heavy masonry drilling.

The latest Bosch masonry drill bits are the SDS-Quick drill bit system, which are two drill bits for all applications. These are an innovation in drill bit technology. These can be used for drilling in concrete as well as for universal use. The diameter of thee two model series ranges from four to ten millimeters. The working length of these drill bits is basically matched to the corresponding fixing depth. This range comprises of a total of 18 Bosch masonry drill bits.

These drill bits have a number of advantages. These Bosch masonry drill bits fit all drills, impact drills as well as screwdrivers with keyed or keyless chucks. These kinds of advantages allow more efficient use as well as a better hold in three-jaw drill chucks as compared to the straight shank drill bits being used earlier. There is no requirement to tighten the drill chuck again as the SDS-Quick drill bits lock automatically after they are inserted. This way skew fitting is prevented and the drill bit is stopped from slipping out of the chuck. These drill bits can also be used easily by DIY enthusiasts.

Bosch has been one of the most leading and reliable names when it comes to drill bit sets. Bosch is a company that has been established years back and hence has a reputation in the market. Bosch is also known as the company for developing the SDS bit which is now indispensable when one is drilling. Bosch masonry drill bit is priced very reasonably and is very easy to handle and use. This drill bit is of the finest quality and ensures successful penetration for making holes. They are generally carbide tipped. They are known to have an edge over competitor’s bits, as they have tips which stay sharper longer and deliver the result of better holes.

Bosch’s technology is unparalleled and you can be assured that the result delivered is better and superior, as the Bosch masonry drill bit can take more abuse and also does not wear out or become obsolete easily. From the easiest to the toughest masonry drilling works, one can completely rely upon these drill bits. A feature that is worth reckoning is that these bits generally come with Multi-Cutter X-Heads or standard heads. This makes it easy to use with any hammer bit. These masonry drill bits make much less noise when compared to the competitors’ counterparts. They are highly durable and lost up to fifty percent more than other masonry drill bit. They are known to create less vibration due to their superior technology and highly advanced conditioning process.

Bosch is known to deliver quality individual masonry drill bits and each of them is tested individually and then only sold. They have various kinds of masonry drill bits to suit a wide variety of purposes. For cutting asphalt and hard ground, one can rely on their asphalt cutter drill bit and for drilling granite, concrete, masonry there is the Bosch blue granite hammer. Then there are cutter head bits too that can be fitted to Bosch spline drive hammers and other competitive models as well. The Bosch masonry drill bit is available in sizes ranging from 4mm to 10mm and the lengths generally range between 75mm to 125mm. One can be assured of quality results when opting for masonry drilling with them. Even an average handyman will find it easy to use masonry drill bits when compared to others. Bosch engineering is the best a person can get. Bosch is known to be innovative along with understanding the needs of every practical engineer and hence the set is a cut above the others. The masonry drill bit consists of SDS plus hammer carbide, spline hammer carbide, carbide hammer drill bits, chisels and adapters and chucks that make masonry drill bit look like the easiest task ever. Use them to feel the Bosch difference, as it is one of the best.

Irwin Masonry Drill Bits


Price at Amazon!

  • It has a very hard tungsten carbide tip
  • These have Zinc finish that makes this corrosion resistant as well as beautiful
  • The deep single flute innovative design make these to work fast

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The new range of Irwin masonry drill bits is truly outstanding as these are high-speed drill bits which have been designed for both rotaries as well as impact drilling. These Irwin drill bits can be used on all types of light building materials like tile, brickwork, and lightweight blocks as well as medium or hard concrete.

These Irwin masonry drill bits feature a diamond ground tungsten carbide tip. Thus you can be ensured of faster drilling ranging from 2500 to 3000 rotations per minute. There is a unique bronze brazing paste in order to ensure the perfect bond between the tip as well as the body.

Brazed at 1000 degrees C, and the paste has a melting point of 920degrees C. What this means is that the Irwin masonry drill bits can actually become red hot but still not damage the carbide tip.

These innovative Irwin masonry drill bits feature a patented ground double flute. This ensures the fast as well as efficient removal of any kind of annoying drill dust. This way you will be able to have a much cleaner work surface as well as greater visibility while you are on the job.

In addition, the flute is ground and not rolled. This way additional accuracy is created which gets completed with a professional blasted surface finish.

These innovative Irwin masonry drill bits are produced by using a Chrome Vanadium Steel (CVS) compound. In order to ensure maximum rupture strength, the Irwin masonry drill bit is hardened to nearly 50-53 HRC. The fact is that CVS contains more carbon as compared to the Chrome Nickel Steel which is used by other manufacturers. This means that Irwin is offering the strongest drill bits on the market.

Basically, this new range of Irwin masonry drill bits has been specifically designed keeping maximum strength as well as versatility in mind. And professionals always prefer a product that gives them increased performance and saves on time, money as well as effort in the process.

Irwin is one of the top brands in the world for providing drills. The Irwin masonry drill bit is available online and in various shops and can also be ordered via the internet. The key feature is that they can also be custom made to suit your requirements. All you have to do is get in touch with the company and state your requirements. You are bound to find a drill bit that will suit your needs, but if you do not, they are even ready to undertake special orders. The drill bit is a very masonry drill bit they provide. It can be used to penetrate materials ranging from quarries, glass, wood, etc.

Irwin is a leading company that specializes in providing chisels, clamps, fastener drivers, drill bits, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers, utility knives, blades and a host of other products. Each product is of superior quality and strength and is designed to facilitate a quick outcome. The Irwin masonry drill bit has seven subcategories. They are the speed power masonry drill bit, hammer steel, core bit, straight shank, SDS- max bit, SDS plus bit and the splined bit. Each has special features. The speed-power masonry drill bit can penetrate through 2X more concrete when compared to most other typical masonry drill bits. Moving ahead, the hammered steel comprises of digging chisel, flat chisel, gouge, clay spade, asphalt cutter, bush tool, angled scraping chisel, moil point, ground rod driver, etc. Each is customized to fulfil specific purposes such as easy removal of tiles, digging in the soil, cutting a channel in concrete, ground road driving, etc.

Next are the core bits. A core bit is designed as one piece or a single piece to remove the various troubles and errors one meets while handling two-piece designs. Next in the category of the Irwin masonry drill bit comes the straight shank. A two cutter head is utilized for a straight shank drill bit. The key feature of this drill bit is that it fits all kinds of hammer drills including a Jacobs’s chuck or a three-jaw. SDS max bits come next. The SDS max bits are available in two types – SDS max multi cutter and the SDS max standard tip. They have patented flute geometry that helps in easy and effective removal of dust so that one can drill quicker and does not have to encounter dust. The significant feature of this product is that it fits with ease in all kinds of SDS max rotatory hammers and apart from this, it also fits in G, Y, and Hilti TEF rotatory hammers. It is now the turn of SDS plus bits. This category has 4 cutter bits that provide faster drilling and also vibrate lesser. Lastly, spline bits are again used for quicker and dust-free drilling. These are the best ones can get and the most durable ones too.

Wrapping it Up

You can use any of these brands that fit your needs. Our job was just to let our readers know all about these global brands. We don’t have any direct affiliations in any of these brands.

You can comment on any other popular brand and we are happy to mention & review here.

FAQ’s about Masonry Drill Bits

What is a masonry drill bit?

A masonry drill is that can drill through concrete but with easy and in an economical way. Like you can not come up with a diamond coated drill bit and say this one is a masonry as it can drill through the concrete.

How you can say if a drill bit is a masonry or not?

Always keep in mind that the masonry drill bit diameter is bigger than the shaft of that particular drill bit. This means all the drilling load is on the tip and the shaft design only helps to remove the dirt while drilling. Also, the flute design should be generous enough to let the dirt come out.

What are the best masonry drill bits?

Dewalt, Bosh, Irwine, Vermont American are regarded as the best in the lot. Although to make a Masonry bit is rather easy than that on he specialized metal drill bit but these brands are doing since ages and introducing innovative ideas as well.

How do you drill into concrete with a drill bit?

Just grab a simple masonry drill bit with any drill bit machine. You may need a hammering function if the concrete is big. But if you need to drill through a massive/bulk concrete then get an SDS plus or SDS Max or a rotary hammer.

Masonry drill bits and the Tile drill bits are the same?

No, the tile drill bit should be used delicately like its tip should be very sharp so that there is no crack appear in the tile.

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