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If you are the person who loves to work with sheet metals – a DIYer or a trade professional then this post is dedicated to you.

Here we will discuss all the aspects of performing the cutting for spot weld.

Before dig in deeper let us see

What is a Spot Weld?

It is a form of ‘resistance welding’. The spot welding is one of the oldest welding techniques where two or more sheets of metal are welded without any use of filler material.

I will drive you through complete technical & pricing comparisons.

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Spot Weld Drill Bits Reviews | Top Rated

The main feature to consider while choosing a spot weld cutter is the precision that you required at your workpiece. Then comes the number of spots you need to remove.

In the end, you are going to disconnect the metal sheet without damaging it. The spot with coming out as a chunk of both/or more sheets.

Essential parts of a Spot Weld Drill Bits are;

  • Double-Sided Rotatory Blade
  • Spring-Loaded Pin

You also need Grinder, a Stub drill bit to make a punch.

#5 ABN Spot Weld Drill Bit 3-Piece Set

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Here is what I really like about this product;

Features I Like!
  • This is HSS Cobalt Titanium Coated Welding Remover Bit
  • You can drill into much harder steel materials and even in stainless steel easily
  • The Aluminum carrying case and internal foamy tray helps safe storage, and quick organization through numbering on bits.

#4 Neiko 10052A Spot Weld Drill Bits

Price at Amazon!

Here is what I really like about this product;

Features I Like!
  • A special grade HSS cobalt mix that gives a long life against hard weld spot material
  • Titanium coating withstands high at temperature that form during metal cutting
  • Precise pilot tip helps quick action and prevents and wandering
  • It has the most commonly used sizes 8mm bit at 1-3/4″ (45mm) length that cover automobile industry.

#3 EEEKit Spot Weld Cutter Kit, Sheet Metal Hole Cutter, Punch Remover

Price at Amazon!

Here is what I really like about this product;

Features I Like!
  • It has sharp double-sided blades that you can use during a heavy duty jobs.
  • It is made of HSS material, highly reliable, and wear-resistant.
  • It separates the spot-welded sheet metals, panels, where it is not easy to access.
  • It alleviates any need to pry and break welds.

#2 Spot Weld Cutter Kit | 3/8 Inch Drill Bit Tools

Price at Amazon!

Here is what I really like about this product;

Features I Like!
  • It has 3/8″ Diameter of cutting Blade that is Ideal for Removing Spot Welds
  • You can use it for Cast Iron, Iron, steel alloys, plain carbon steel, tools die steel,die grinders, to drill holes,auto body renovations, etc.
  • It is made of high-quality heat resistant steel

#1 Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Tool

Price at Amazon!

Here is what I really like about this product;

Features I Like!
  • It has 3/8″ perfect diameter of cutting Blade that is Ideal for Removing Spot Welds
  • This spot welds remover is compatible with the most 1/4″ drills, arbor with flats to eliminate spinning in chuck.
  • It is heavy-duty stuff and made of high-quality heat resistant steel

I hope this is quite helpful in choosing spot weld. Let see some more detail what to consider while choosing a drill bit cutter or a spot weld remover drill bit.

  • It should remove a spot weld in a shot.
  • No wandering is good for a clean outcome.
  • No wobbling as we will try to get a stub drill.
  • It should not spin in the chuck of the drill machine in any case.

See you project requirements like budget, duration, and a number of holes you need to make. I recommend grabbing the full set including drill machine and drill bits for spot removal.

How to Use a Spot Weld Drill Bit?

The process is quite simple

Step – 1: First of all locate and mark the weld spot

Step – 2: Measure the surface area

Step – 3: Evaluate the base metals chemistry well

Step – 4: Select the right sized Hole saw, Drill bit or cutter

Step – 5: Don’t apply the pressure & let the machine work automatically

Step – 6: Read the manual also

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