Best Stainless Steel Drill Bits

Best drill bits when drilling through stainless steelsWhen drilling through stainless steel ten you need a drill that is of a harder material that can deal with Chromium hardness as Stainless steel is normally made by alloying with it.

For this purpose, we need to make a drill bit selection that contains Tungsten, Molybdenum, Carbides, Nitrides or any suitable material in it.

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While drilling steel you have to deal with a lot of heat and you can deal with it with proper lubrication. In our expert opinion, the use of simple water will help you. Some people use oil-based lubricants but these will make a lot of smoke and may hinder your process. Some use WD40 as well.

Top 7 Stainless Steel Drill Bits Reviews

Chromium is a hard metal and its oxide makes a harder layer at the steel when alloyed with it at a higher temperature under controlled conditions. Other metals that are used in Stainless Steel are Nickle, Cobalt, Aluminum, etc. Carbon and Silicon are used for any kind of plain carbon steel though they are present in SS in a limited percentage.

The core characteristics of Stainless Steel are the give corrosion resistance to steel as the name suggests.

The SS  drill bit is to be selected accordingly with utmost care because choosing a wrong bit may harm the job and the bit equally.

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For an easy approach just grab a Tungsten tip bit to drill Stainless Steel.

Let us see the top-rated list of Drill bits around.

#7 HSS M2 Metal Jobber Twist Drill Bits

HSS M2 Metal Jobber Twist Drill BitThe machinability of this M2 drill bit is out sanding. This is made by one of the most W-Mo High-Speed Steel.

The major benefit of using this particular brand is that it will give you more Hole with speed as to drill stainless steel is not cost-effective.

It has a very hard tungsten carbide tip that can drill through most of the tough materials.

These drill bits are of Jobber length but the split point feature eliminates the need for a centre punch stub. This makes it cost-effective with performance.

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  • Thick web Helix helps to remove chipping fast.

  • Delivers smooth operation and no walking or skating

  • Much longer life for Mild Steels

  • This is specially designed for Steel and not beneficial for multipurpose jobs

  • HSS but without Cobalt

What’s Our Take…..

If you are looking for drilling through steels only then this one is the best as it is designed especially to serve the steel. Use proper lubrication and this drill bit set will go longer than your expectations.

#6 Neiko Titanium Step Drill Bit

Neiko 10194A Titanium Step Drill BitThe Neiko Titanium Step Drill Bit is the best to enlarge the existing holes like is washer, car parts. For example, you have purchased two parts from different localities but you found that both are not compatible. Now, if there is some millimetre difference in the measurement then you can use this step drill bit. These bits are heat Treated HSS with Titanium Nitride Coating.

A step drill bit is a must to have in every toolbox. These drill bits can give you Holes with different diameters. This makes it very economical.

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  • The best for low gauge metals

  • Also good for plastic, aluminium, copper

  • Two flute design gives more clean drilling operation

  • You can use one bit for different sized holes.

  • You can use fo deeper holes for thicker material. You can try from both ends and see if it fits your requirements.

What’s Our Take…..

We literally love to have this multi-dimensional drill bit in our toolbox. We recommend our reader even you are a DIY or an industry user to have this set all the time in your box. You never know when you may need it as it can save your cost to pay for different sizes.

#5 Bosch Cobalt Twist Drill Bit

Bosch 21 Piece Cobalt Metal Drill Bit SetBosch Cobalt drill bits are designed especially to deal with harder materials including stainless steel, cast iron. is a brand and has its value.

The cobalt gives extra lubrication that helps to reduce friction. Melting or you can fusing of cutting edges of the drill bit are reduced. This leads to extra reliability of Bosch drill bits.

Bosch Cobalt metal drill bits give 4 times longer life than that of an HSS drill bit without cobalt. These are designed especially to perform at SS.

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  • The three-flat shank gives a better grip to eliminate slipping and good for DIY

  • Cobalt increases the toughness that helps you reduce breaking

  • Can be used for HC steel, thin metals, plastic & wood.

  • Cobalt makes it a bit costly.

What’s Our Take…..

We have quite brand awareness about the Bosch. Bosch metal drill bits are reliable, innovative, durable, tough, long-lasting. You may see some bad reviews at Amazon but these are normally from the competitors as you know these tactics well.

#4 COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit SetThese are cobalt-based alloy called M35 High-Speed Steel. A Twist drill bit of a Jobber is best for hardened metal, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and can also deal well with Wood & Plastic.

5% cobalt gives a shiny surface and this helps to reduce friction as it acts as a lubricant as well.

A nice box with a number of drill bit you will get. You can choose any package from 10 pieces to 29 pieces according to your needs.

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  • Can deal harder and softer materials efficiently

  • 135 Degree Angle Point helps to eliminate walking

  • Durable plastic box for long use

  • Straight Shank needs extensions for a better grip.

What’s Our Take…..

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set is one of the most economical when you need to have it for a longer run for DIYs. Cobalt makes it high-speed steel and reliable. Yes, if we have any carbide or tungsten coating then we could have extra life with these drill bits.

#3 Hiltex HSS Industrial Drill Bit

These are Heat-treated plain carbon steel but have a black enamelled coating that gives these bits an extra life. These drill bits are heavy-duty and durable.

Better geometry gives a quick start and helps any wandering. Hiltex HSS is designed especially for industrial jobs but this beautiful wooden box will appeal you to have one in your toolbox.

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  • Tri flat shank design gives a better chunk grip

  • 135-degree split point  gives a quick penetration

  • Better flute design clears the chipping instantly

  • The tips could have been coated with Nitride for more life.

What’s Our Take…..

These drill bits are of industrial use scale. But you can grab a box and keep it for a longer run. A shank geometry makes it safer in the lot. This drill bit gives fast and efficient drilling.

#2 Best Choice 8-Piece 1/2” Shank Silver and Deming Drill Bit

Silver and Deming Drill Bit Set in Aluminum Carry CaseWho does not like to have Drill Bit Set in Aluminum Carry Case?

Yes, all of us would love to have this beautiful case.

But this offers the beautiful and heavy-duty reliable drill bits too!

These drill bits are of premium quality high-speed steel with a proven record in the construction industry.

You will see a superior gold titanium and nitride coating. This helps for lubrication purposes. Also, there is a regular black enamel coating for corrosion resistance.

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  • Can deal with Stainless steel and also wood, plastic, aluminium, copper, etc.
  • Tri-flatted end shank design make it slip-free
  • 135° Split point helps fast penetration
  • None really!

What’s Our Take…..

If you are fond of beauty, of course, every one on us then goes and grab it as it also gives the best performance and reliability. You can use these drill bits for many materials as well.

#1 Yeshfit Micro Solid Tungsten Carbide Coated Tip

Yeshfit Micro Solid Tungsten Carbide Coated TipWhen you need to deal only with hard materials then this is the best option. You will get only one drill bit in a pack and it is sufficient to deal with Stainless Steel, Chilled Cast iron, Grey Cast Iron, Heat Treated Alloy Steel, Die Steel, Plain Carbon Steel, etc.

This is the reason we have put this one in first place in this post.

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  • The best for most of the hardest materials

  • It is made of Tungsten Steel & tip is TiAlN Coated

  • High-Speed performance at CNC as well

  • Only one piece in the package.

What’s Our Take…..

This is truly a metals drill bit and gives high performance to price ratio. TiAlN coating makes the tip harder that can penetrate easily through any hard surface like Chromium-based stainless steel. Tungston makes the steel tougher to sustain under shock.

Take-Home Point

Drilling through Stainless steel is tough but if you chose the right tools per your need then you will enjoy the process. Like Step drill bit is the best as we have explained and it will cover almost 50% of your DIY jobs.

There are the crucial factors — such as brands that are DEWALT and Drill America, to think about as it refers to drills bits for steel of long-lasting and specific frames. Possibly the following tips will assist you to determine which drill bits are the most suitable models for you. The drill bit works ideally and is not ruined easily due to powerful toughness.

These drill bits are prompt and simple to install and reasonable in price, which makes them perfect for those who aim to drill holes on hard materials including metal effectively. These drill bits are one of the top quality items tested. And they can work ideally in supporting you to drill in woods and plastics simply and speedily based on the test. They are portable and easy to apply, making them attracting thousands of people. Numerous models will be found in a vast variety of types and brands as you are searching for drill bits of compact sizes and appealing colors. These drill bits can be used to drill massive holes with great accuracy.

With countless choices obtainable, you can surely find suitable drill bits enabling you to make the very clean holes every time.

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FAQ’s and Answers

What are the main factors I need to consider for metal drill bit?

You need to see these factors;

  • High-Speed Steel
  • Point Angle
  • Coating
  • Helix Angle
  • Flute Design
  • Shank Geometry

What are the safety precautions you need to take while drilling through stainless steel?

Make sure to keep less pressure and speed while drilling through stainless steel. Clamp firmly the job piece as the edge of the drill to snags the metal, normally.

How to drill stainless steel?

  1. Choose the right drill bit as per your job nature.
  2. Clamp the job piece.
  3. Start the drilling with low possible speed
  4. Don’t put extra pressure and let the drill bit make its own way
  5. Apply lubrication continuously – Arrange a helper if needed

What is Stainless steel is made of?

The most common is Iron alloyed with Chromium (12%). Nickle, Cobalt, Silicon, Carbon, Molybdenum may be added to it to get other properties.

What kind of lubrication do I need to drill through SS?

You can use water – simple tap water. WD 40 & motor oil are also being used.

What is the use of Step Drill Bits?

A step drill bit is modern and innovative engineering design. These are mainly used where different sized holes are required.

What is Stainless steel is made of?

The most common is Iron alloyed with Chromium (12%). Nickle, Cobalt, Silicon, Carbon, Molybdenum may be added to it to get other properties.

Why we name it stainless?

Because a protective chromium coating makes it protective.

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