The Best Drill Bits for Wood

the best wood drill bits technical reviewDrilling through the wood is easy?

The answer is yes. as wood is normally a soft material. But it may become messy if you choose a wrong drill bit.

We will have a walk through the best available drill bit for woodwork. Also, the technical specifications. The FAQ will be done at the end to make sure all the questions related should be answered.

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Which Drill Bit for Wood | Top Rated

You need to always have the proper type of bit for each job. Just as you wouldn’t want to use a masonry drill bit to drill into metal, you shouldn’t use tile drill bits to drill into wood.

When you use the proper wood drill bit, it will drill with ease and will provide a precise and clean hole. It is so important to select an appropriate drill bit for the wood you are drilling.

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#8 IRWIN Tools Blue Spade Bit Set

Good sharp wood drill bits are powerful, quick, and easily drill through even the hardest pieces of wood.

Let us see the top-rated list of Drill bits around.Best Spade Wood Drill Bits available at Amazon This Spade bit has an extra blue groove that helps to fast chip removal adding more efficiency and concentration of the drill bit. IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR Blue Groove Pro Spade Bit Set comes with Case & 8-Pieces. It has a large shank that helps for more durability of the drill bit.

The IRWIN SPEEDBOR spade drill bit delivers a very smooth ‘holes’. This smoothness helps to reduce breakouts and countersinking.

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  • Grooved Hex Shank gives a strong grip.

  • Smooth ‘hole ‘ without breakouts

  • Chipping is handled efficiently

  • Durable Case

  • Blue paint fades away quickly.

What’s Our Take…..

When you need to deal with delicate wood stuff and you cannot afford mess around the working area then these drill bits are best for. As the long shank gives the grip with Hex shape. It is good of good value for your money. The case made of durable molded ABS resin & tough.

#7 IRWIN Tools SPEEDBOR Max Wood Drilling Bits

Self Feed Wood best drill bitsThis is another variation comes with the self-feeding screw tip, sharp and radical edges, and two spurs. This variation has a double flute starting from the sharp cutting edges up to the shank that provides extra grip and helps drill wood with ease.

This drill bit set comes with three cutting spurs that give a faster, cleaner hole, reduce breakouts, and long life.

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  • Screw-point tip gives a self-feed for ease of drilling

  • The geometry of the drill bit helps for smooth ejection.

  • Easily fixed and replaced in the drill machine.

  • Only 10 sizes are available.

What’s Our Take…..

If you are looking for fast work then this one is best for. Like you have a big project where time is the constraint and you also know exactly the drill bit sizes are as per your requirements. It will save you time and flute design increases productivity as it let the dust remove with ease.

#6 Ver mont American 14561 WoodEater Wood Boring Bits

Wood eater Best Drill BitsThese are one of the cheapest drill bit for woodworks. It can work fast and specially designed for repetitive boring.

It can cut 3x faster than the others as it is quite longer than standard spade drill bits.

These bits pull itself through the wood without any effort.

These can be sharpened easily and can be used for a longer run.

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  • Best and cheap bits for house jobs.

  • No need for spade bits anymore

  • Tough, reliable and quality bits.

  • Aesthetics are not that great

What’s Our Take…..

We really like it as it got many positive reviews as well at Amazon. It is quite cheaper or may the cheapest one in our reviewed lot here. It is fast and heavy-duty stuff.

#5 Auger Drill Bits | IRWIN SPEEDBOR

Auger Wood best drill bitsThe auger bit is another wood bit that has a spiral shaft and a wide cutting sharp edge with a tapered point for an exact fit.

Unlike twist bits, auger bits are perfect for drilling deep and straight holes into wood. As this bit drills, wood particles are pulled out of the hole so as not to build up inside the hole. These drill bits drill very quickly and leave a clean hole.

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  • It is the Fastest Speebor spade drill bit in the market

  • Chip ejection is easy due to tri-Flute design

  • The screw tip gives a self-feed

  • Hex shank (grooved) eliminates slippage

  • A bit costlier than standard spade bits

What’s Our Take…..

This new innovative geometry gives a fast, clean, and number of holes than other others. The brand is also good. You will get a good tough case that can go longer. The best value of your money overall.

# 4 Ship Auger | Tubed Bit

Ship Auger Best Wood Drill bitsShip Auger is the best for longer Holes like its length is 17″. Nice flute design helps to go deeper as it removes the chipping and helps to keep the drill bit cool.

You need it when you need any special task where a long drill is required as in many wood works outside we need it. Normally, it is used at landscape, plantation, and drilling in heavy wood blocks or planks.

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  • Hollow center flutes clear chips quickly out of holes

  • These Drill Bits can be resharpened easily
  • The screw tip gives a self-feed
  • Hex shank (grooved) eliminates slippage

  • Extra cooling is required during heavy jobs.

  • Not OK for house jobs.
  • Not easy to handle for a newbie.

What’s Our Take…..

A long drill bit can be used where the nail is already there in the wood. You can deal with this kind of jobs easily without damaging the area. The screw point is Medium-fast and best for general woodboring. All the bit is heat-treated that makes it more tough and reliable.

#3 Irwin 39108 1/2-Inch by 18-Inch Installer Twist Drill Bit

Installer Twist Wood Drill BitsFlute head is something very special in these drill bits. This makes the wood drilling a smoother, cleaner, and fast. This can easily handle where wiring applications are encountered.

This drill is longer than the Ship Auger (17″) but this Installed is 18″. A long shank to help proper handling and grip during operation. It has a diameter of 1/2″ that adds more strength.

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  • More length and more diameter with a long shank (18″, 1/2″, .370″)

  • It gives quick chip removal without clogging & binding

  • Special finishing for flute

  • This product is manufactured in China

What’s Our Take…..

Although the product is made in China still is one of the best quality available in the market that makes a much deeper hole. The price is quite nominal and if you are looking for deeper holes then you can easily grab a piece.

#2 PORTER-CABLE Forstner Bit Set

Forstner Bit Set Best for WoodThese are quite innovative wood drill bits with oper tooth design. This design helps to give a better finish than other drill bits in the market. The brand is quite old and hence quality is guaranteed.

This drill bit set a bit expensive but included a number of common bit sizes from 1/4″ to 2″.
These bits give a very smooth finish.

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  • All common sizes are available

  • Cleaner finish than others

  • A good looking tough case included

  • A bit expensive

What’s Our Take…..

We have read some reviews where customers got the poor quality and china made stuff. But if you buy through any reliable resource then you can get the best experience while wood drilling. This set is going to be a lifetime in your toolbox for sure.

#1 COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit SetThese are the multipurpose drill bits. Titanium coating gives extra life and a gold shining look adds its own value. High-Speed steel coated with titanium is something very special when it comes to drilling bit metallurgy.

With titanium coating, you can save time to sharpen the bid again and again. High quality cutting teeth make sure the smooth, clean hole and precise countersinking.

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  • Can cut through wood as well as sheet metal & plastic

  • hex shank helps for a quick change and proper grip

  • 2 Fluet forms help for chipping action

  • HSS alloy gives it high strength and toughness

  • Proper Casing is not available

What’s Our Take…..

A multipurpose drill bit set. This is a must to have as you can use it for other purposes like sheet metal, Aluminum and plastics as well. This is the reason we ranked it higher than others.

Way Forward

We have compiled this list on the basis of general as well as on industrial use. You need to understand your project in terms of cost and time and then you can decide easily which one to take.

Still, indecisive about what you are looking for. See the below point.

FAQ’s about Wood Drill Bits

What are the main types of Drill bits?

When drilling through wood products, you will want to choose the best drill bit to fit your drilling needs. There are a number of different types of wood drill bits available.

These are the main types but not limited to that are dedicated to wood mainly or can be used efficiently;

  1. Spade Bits
  2. Hole Saws
  3. Step Bits
  4. Auger Bits
  5. Ship Auger Bit
  6. Installer Twist Bits
  7. Forstner Bits
  8. Brad Point Bits
  9. Self-Feed Bit

How can you tell if a drill bit is for Wood?

You can tell by just looking at the tip. Normally, a wood drill bit has a small pointed tip at the end and spurs on each side.

Can we use HSS drill bits for Wood?

Yes, we can use it. As we have seen HSS titanium coated drill bits.

What are wood-boring bits used for?

You can use the Forstner & Hole Saw drill bit for smooth holes in wood.

What types of materials are used for wood-boring bits?

High-speed steel is good to have for medium speed wood drill bits. You can use tip coating if in your budget.

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